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Mercedes Benz photos

Featured on the Discovery channel's Beyond 2000. Built at a cost in excess of $350,000. Defense Features: Laser sighted, remote firing from touch panel for possible mounted AK47 & Binelli Super 90 shotgun. Tire tack dump lays 150 steel 3 inch tire tacks from rear to slow or stop pursuit. Rear smoke screen, oil spray. Radar Jamming and scrambling transmitter. Steel reinforced bumpers. Surveillance systems: Front and rear Elmo video cameras, controlled by touch panel and distributed to any interior monitor. Safety and Emergency systems: Code 3 emergency lighting front and rear. Public address system, with 100 watt sirens Dual Battery system Fresh air system and oxygen mask in all door panels Bomb scan and alarm system powered from distance of 100ft Halon fire control system Steering wheel gun safe and gun safe under each seat. Entertainment system: Multizone video includes 3 Soy 4" color LCD monitors, a 5" color TV, and 2 VCR's Portable Sharp 5' LCD monitor view cam VCR, records from any source 1050 watt Alpine surround sound, with 14 speakers, 6 CD changer and headphones for each seat Luxury Appointments: Rear seat refrigerator center console Center console ice chest Folding rear seat back desks with burl elm inlay Seat back wet bar with beverage dispenser and crystal glassware Connolly leather wrapped dual control centers with safety switches and firing buttons Dual cellular phone systems Touch screen panel in rear to operate all functions as well as a remote hand held infra red panel to operate all functions from the front compartment.

  • U-1300-L/Motor home, 3.25 meter wheelbase (130 inches), 30K miles, 10K pound PTO cable winch, heated windscreen, 3-person cab w/ raised ceiling and pass-thru to camper, 14.5 x 20 multi-purpose tires, 8-speed transmission with crawler and highway gears, disk brakes, remote spotlight, heavy duty brush guard, full galley with sink, hot & cold water, Bosch Instant Hot Water Heater, Electric Refrigerator, Propane Furnace with forced-air outlets & thermostat, Microwave w/ turntable, 2 single bunk beds, Dining Table with 2 benches/converts to Queen double bed, Portable Hammock Bed for UNIMOG Cab, Deluxe Recirculating Toilet, abundant interior storage facilities, Locking exterior-access storage boxes, removable shades for all windows, Diamond-Plate aluminum roof on Motorhome Body, 2 roof hatches, 2x Honda-50 Mountain Motorbikes with raised seats, Fold-down roof crane for hoisting motorbikes and cargo, battery isolator, Honda Auxillary Generator w/ slide-out tray, Heavy Duty Steel Ramps for Terrain with poor traction, anchoring auger for self-recovery winching, tow bar


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Star, Courtesy of Gary Hays 300c, 1956

170Da, 1951, (W136).  Owners:  Bob & Terry Gunthorp of Chula Vista, California, USA.
1951 170Da

Number produced:  14,306 in 1951

Total produced number from 1949 to 1953:  33,307

Purchased Oct. 15, 1993, restoration completed May, 1998.

It has been restored to 1941 Afrika Korps camouflage configuration and insignias.  The upside down Y and three bars signify the 4th Panzer division.  The other insignia indicates Panzer division headquarters.  The palm tree is for the Afrika Korps.  The white cross was a variant used only in North Afrika.

Bob G.

170Da, 1951

170Da, 1951

Hearse Hearse

300GD, 1984 300GD, 1984

300GD, 1984 L207D, 1978 Camper/Van

L207D, 1978 Camper/Van L408 Fire Engine, 1972

Unimog, 1966 404s 170S, 1950

170S, 1950 1939 170V

180, 1956 180, 1956

180, 1956 180D, 1958

190b, 1963 Estate Wagon 190b, 1963 Estate Wagon

190b, 1963 Estate Wagon Engine 190c, 1964

220D, 1971 220D/280E, 1974 LWB

220S, 1958 220S, 1958

1959 220S Cabriolet Interior

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  • Mercedes Benz Motor Home


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